An unmistakable taste

Ubago has been smoking fish in the Scandinavian style for more than 35 years. Our philosophy is to offer the consumer a high quality product with an unmistakable flavour.

The secret of our expertise is the fusion of the best raw material, from the cold Norwegian waters, with carefully chosen hardwoods, including beech wood. This perfect blend makes it easy to tell our smoked products apart by their taste, aroma and texture, ideal for the most demanding palates.

Throughout the years, we have been able to define a before and after in our life as a company. The tradition and innovation of our work processes allow us to meet our customers’ expectations.

Ubago offers a wide array of choice products from classic smoked products such as salmon, cod, pomfret or tuna, to a new range of flavours, cuts and packaging; carpaccios, loins, tenderloins, marinated or flavoured with Provençal herbs or orange and ginger.

And for those who are more health conscious, you can enjoy our low-salt or Natur salmon (unsmoked).