More than 90 years of experience in processing and marketing fish and seafood.

In each of our canned goods, you will find an artisanal quality product, an optimal packaging created by expert craftspeople who carefully select the choicest pieces.

Our canned fish are made with the best quality raw material. Their unmistakable flavours and textures will give you an authentic sea flavour experience.

Ubago specialises in the processing of mackerel, sardines, frigate tuna and tuna, as a leader in the foreign market in both canned and glass jar packaging of mackerel, sardines and tuna. We also prepare fresh coastal seafood such as Langostillo® red crab and Concha Fina® shellfish.



Frigate Tuna


Smooth Callista®


At Ubago, we control our raw material at their origin, guaranteeing that all our products are supplied at competitive prices.

We have a global presence in the major supermarket and hypermarket chains, both under the Ubago brand and white label brands. We also have a solid presence in the Horeca channel.