Quality and origin

An end-to-end system that guarantees the highest quality raw material from capture to sale.

At Ubago Group, we use our own boats, but we have agreements with fleets in different parts of the world who catch the best fish and seafood, so they can be served at your table. This is our motto: “The Best the Sea has to Offer”. It is also our belief and commitment as a company. Our certified, accredited processes according to the strictest regulations mean we can guarantee our raw material’s optimum quality, from when it is first caught and then processed, until it is packaged and ready for sale.

At Ubago Group, we are committed to environmental sustainability and, especially, with the marine ecosystem. That is why, from the very beginning, we have been involved in the management and development of marine resources with the goal of protecting species and preserving them throughout the year.

Our fleet

Our own vessels in Morocco and Cape Verde

Partner Fleet in Russia, Cape Verde and Spain

Affiliated fish farms in Norway and Scotland